Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the site. If you want to add your question to the page, there is a form below the questions. Your question should appear in about 1 week.


I went on the site and thought it was cool so I told my friend but when he tried to go on it, it requested a username and password. How is this possible?

    The site is protected by a username and password because there are thing on the site, like certain police car photos, that should not be realized to the public. The only reason you have been allowed to see the site, is because your email has been put into the computer by a PSV.com member, and you have been granted access to the site. If your friend wants permission, tell him to contact egank17@publicservicevehicles.com via email. 

There's a video on the homepage but when I click to play it, it say that you don't have permission to view it. What does this mean? 

    This means that your YouTube account has not been registered with the video. The video used to be private, so you would have to click the Request access  button in the navigation bar and email me. I would ask for your YouTube name and once you gave it to me you could see the video. Now, it is unlisted, so you should be able to see it. If not, please let me know.

When I go to a Department/Company's Page there seem to be a list, but it says I do not have permission to view it. There is an option though, to request access. Should I click this and what is the list for?

    The list is a list of all the department/company's trucks or vehicles and what kind of vehicle they are. This list is very important and can help you a lot, and is a big problem if you can't see it. if the option does come up, click request access. If it doesn't, click it in the navigation and fill out the form. You- both ways- will get permission in about 2 days.  

More Questions will be up soon.