When I was a kid, I had a keen interest in fire trucks, police cars, and anything else with flashing lights. My parents and I would routinely visit fire stations and police departments to learn about the rigs, and I always brought my camera along with me. When I got my first computer, I began to stumble around the internet looking for photographs of the cars and trucks I admired, eventually stumbling on sites like Mike Boynton’s MassFireTrucks.com and John Galla’s Northeast Firenews - at the time, these were some of the only fire apparatus websites online, as the digital fire apparatus and police car enthusiast community was in its infancy.

Inspired by Mike’s photography and John Galla’s ability to organize a seemingly infinite amount of agencies, I set forth on a mission to publish my photographs. There didn’t seem to be a national archive of fire apparatus photos, and I could tell that the police vehicle and fire apparatus communities overlapped, so I hoped to bring all of that into a singular website. In, 2009, with the help of my parents, I launched PublicServiceVehicles.com, which would transform into a national collection of photographs from my visits to fire stations, police departments, and public works and transit facilities from across the country. In part, the site helped foster my interests in photography and web development, helping push me in the direction that I find myself going in today.

Throughout the years working on the website, I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many incredible public safety professionals, public service employees, and fellow enthusiasts and photographers. I quickly realized that there was an opportunity to capture the evolution of public safety fleets over the course of time. My hope with the latest rendition of the website is to offer a site where public safety professionals and fellow enthusiasts can learn about the vehicle fleets across the country (from now and looking backwards in time), resulting in a showcase of departments, highlighting unique and impressive vehicles, communities, photos, and scenery, while also enabling other photographers to share their work and contribute to a national repository for all to explore.

Kieran Egan @publicservicevehicles
Website Administrator

If you're interested in having me photograph some of your agency's vehicles, or have any questions regarding the photography or website, feel free to reach out to me at kieran@publicservicevehicles.com.