About Me

You know how when kids are really young, everyone finds trucks/trains/big cool machinery fascinating? Well, I never really got over that interest. I have always had an interest in trucks, and in photography as well. I began by visiting my hometown (Barrington Rhode Island)'s Fire Department, Police Department, and DPW yard(I probably have been there 25 times now). When I was there, I took lots of photos. It wasn't until 2008 that I saw Michael Boynton's MassFireTrucks.com. After about a year of thinking and designing, I finnally created the first draft of PublicServiceVehicles.com. This was based off of my GMail account, and editing photos through paint. In 2009, the website was given it's present name PublicServiceVehicles.com (Thanks to GoDaddy).

The website in 2009:

The Logo: